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Our Mission:

Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

** October Registrations are closed at this time **

November Registrations will be available starting on Monday, October 25th starting at 6p!

*** Due to the high request amounts that we have received, we are limiting each household to 1 reservation per month ***

Mask Mandate Requirements Updated - 07/28/2021

As of July 28, 2021, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is highly recommending that everyone should wear a mask while indoors, even if you are vaccinated. Here at Feeding Denver’s Hungry, we have reviewed the statement from the CDC and from the State of Colorado and our local jurisdictions. With that in mind, to help us stay protected as well as protecting the community that we serve, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will start requiring masks to be worn while visiting our facilities and/or functions. Please feel free to visit the Contact-Us Page and provide us with any comments or questions that you may have regarding this matter.


Temperature Checks - 09/27/2021

In the fight against COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will start performing temperature checks of all visitors that come to the Feeding Denver’s Hungry warehouse and the FREE Grocery Store. This does include Children of ALL AGES.

Vaccination Requirements - Starting November 1, 2021

Starting November 1st, 2021, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will require proof of Vaccination for the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. We are doing this in accordance with other businesses and organizations within the State of Colorado. By us performing this, it will help us to protect the Volunteers along with the fellow Members of the Community that we serve.

You may present your actual Vaccination Card, a photo copy of your Vaccination Card, and/or a picture of your Vaccination Card on your mobile device.

We will be requesting this of all visitors that are 12 and older. If your child that is 12 and older and they have not been vaccinated, they will not be allowed to enter the Warehouse and/or the FREE Grocery Store.

We will accept a NEGATIVE COVID-19 Test with the results being provided within the last 72 hours.

DENVER — “Nobody should have to work hard and not be able to afford food.”

That message is really at the core of Jim Scharper’s personal mission and is now the mission of what he believes is the first free grocery store in Denver.

12 years ago, Scharper was experiencing homelessness during a battle with alcoholism.

“I saw what a great need there was after being on the street just to acquire food,” recalled Scharper.

After getting sober, Scharper started making sandwiches and distributing them to people in need. He established a nonprofit called Feeding Denver’s Hungry. During the last eight years, he has expanded this effort to the point that he can deliver full bagged lunches to those in need.

In April of this year, Feeding Denver’s Hungry opened a free grocery store, enabling Scharper to expand on his mission. 

Read the full article here: https://www.rmpbs.org/blogs/rocky-mountain-pbs/growing-use-of-free-denver-grocery-store/

*** Due to the high request amounts that we have received, we are limiting each household to 1 reservation per month ***

The FREE Grocery Store is expanding and new things are coming. This has been a great addition of the programs that we are able to offer. We have been featured on several News Articles, Programs, Podcasts and Interviews. Our popularity has blossomed greatly over the last few weeks. 

We are currently Open and Offering Shopping on Wednesdays 2p to 6p and Saturdays 10a to 2p and allowing 1 appointment per household per month.

Visit the FREE Grocery Store page to sign up for when you would like to be able visit us and shop for FREE!

Please be sure to read the entire FREE Grocery Store page as there are some important information for you regarding the new FREE Grocery Store.

Lastly, we are looking for Volunteers to help us on each Wednesday and Saturday. Please visit the Volunteer Page to sign-up. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and happy shopping!

Denver Public Library BookMobile

Every other Wednesday from 2p-4p starting September 29, 2021

The FREE Grocery Store by Feeding Denver’s Hungry is proud to announce a brand new partnership with the Denver Public Library as the BookMobile.

Starting on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 and every other Wednesday after that from 2p to 4p.

Can’t get to a Library? Denver Public Library’s bookmobiles visit Schools, Assisted Living Facilities and other Non-Profit Events throughout Denver. Anyone is welcome to join us and browse at any bookmobile stop.

For information about the Bookmobile service, find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bookmobile.dpl  call 720-865-1112 or email them at mobile-services@denverlibrary.org.

BookMobile will be at the FREE Grocery Store on:

  • September 29, 2021
  • October 27, 2021
  • November 10, 2021

Yes, Volunteering our time is a gift that we are able to give back to the community that we love love.

You can always visit the Volunteer Page to see when we are in need of Volunteers and if you are available, you can sign-up! The more Volunteers that sign-up, the better we are are able to assist everyone within in the community.

You can also see who review everyone that is on the Board of Directors and who our Dedicated Volunteers are!

That is right! A One Dollar Donation can equal up to 8 meals (or more!).

Feeding Denver’s Hungry has partnered with Food Bank of the Rockies along with other organizations, corporations and businesses to be able to receive donated food items. 

We accept all donations, including non-monetary and non-food items. You will not believe how your donation will help Feeding Denver’s Hungry to be able to give back to the community so that we can help others!

Please visit the Donate Page to see how you can help us so that we help the Community!

As always, you can always Contact Us with any other kind of donation offer or question. 

On the Fourth Thursday of each Month, the Volunteers of Feeding Denver’s Hungry goes to the block of 21st Street and Stout Street  of Downtown Denver. 

The days leading up to this day, the FDH Volunteers work together to make a meal that we are able to hand out to the visitors of our Thursday Hand-Up.

Feeding Denver’s Hungry partners with different restaurants and businesses to be able to provide these meals. You would be surprised of who volunteers their time to help on this great day!

Visit the Thursday Hand-Up Page for more information on this great event!

We are in need of approximately 20 Volunteers each month for this day. If you would like to Volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Page and sign-up

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