Our Mission:

Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

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Feeding Denver's Hungry has moved!

11402 East 53rd Avenue, Suite 200, Denver Colorado 80239

Door #36 on the back left side!

Here at Feeding Denver’s Hungry, we have moved our operations to a new donated warehouse that is twice the size of our previous space. With this move, we are are no longer able to allow for the Drive-Thru Hand-ups and some of our other programs that we offered to the community; however, this move is now allowing us to perform some new offerings that we have been wanting to  present to the community that our previous location was not able to allow us to offer.

The first new program that we are able to offer is the New Free Grocery Store.

Please visit our Contact Page to send us message with how we can help you!

Please visit our Volunteer Page to see our availability of when we are in need of Volunteers!

Of course, you can always visit our Donate Page to see how you can donate and help us give back to the community!

With the move to our new and bigger warehouse, we are not able to offer the Drive-Thru Handouts any longer. INSTEAD, Feeding Denver’s Hungry is now offering one of the kind Free Grocery Store!

For the month of June, we are Open and Offering Shopping on Wednesdays 3p to 7p and Saturdays 2p to 6p.

Visit the Free Grocery Store page to sign up for when you would like to be able visit us and shop for free!

Please be sure to read the entire Free Grocery Store page as there are some important information for you regarding the new Free Grocery Store.

Lastly, we are looking for 2 Volunteers to help us on each Wednesday and Saturday. Please visit the Volunteer Page to sign-up. For all Volunteers that signs up to assist us on any of these days, we will provide to you a special Free Shopping Spree!!!

Thank you for being a part of our community and happy shopping!

Yes, Volunteering our time is a gift that we are able to give back to the community that we love love.

You can always visit the Volunteer Page to see when we are in need of Volunteers and if you are available, you can sign-up! The more Volunteers that sign-up, the better we are are able to assist everyone within in the community.

You can also see who review everyone that is on the Board of Directors and who our Dedicated Volunteers are!

On the Fourth Thursday of each Month, the Volunteers of Feeding Denver’s Hungry goes to the block of 21st Street and Stout Street  of Downtown Denver. 

The days leading up to this day, the FDH Volunteers work together to make a meal that we are able to hand out to the visitors of our Thursday Hand-Up.

Feeding Denver’s Hungry partners with different restaurants and businesses to be able to provide these meals. You would be surprised of who volunteers their time to help on this great day!

Visit the Thursday Hand-Up Page for more information on this great event!

We are in need of approximately 20 Volunteers each month for this day. If you would like to Volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Page and sign-up

That is right! A One Dollar Donation can equal up to 8 meals.

Feeding Denver’s Hungry has partnered with Food Bank of the Rockies along with other organizations, corporations and businesses  to be able to receive donated food items. 

We accept all donations, including non-monetary and non-food items. You will not believe how your donation will help Feeding Denver’s Hungry to be able to give back to the community so that we can help others!

Please visit the Donate Page to see how you can help us so that we help the Community!

As always, you can always Contact Us with any other kind of donation offer or question. 

More to come ...

Feeding Denver’s Hungry is under construction so there will be more to come … just bear with us a little longer and we will have the complete information that you will need! We are still working on each page so that you will have it at your finger tips very soon!!