Secure, Privately Owned by Feeding Denver's Hungry, Cloud File Sharing

About Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a cloud based file sharing application that has been installed on the hosting servers for the Feeding Denver’s Hungry website. Since this application has been installed on the FDH hosting servers, it makes all of the files and documents 100% the property of the FDH organization. The only people that are able to access the files shared here are the users that has been granted permission from Jim or an “Approving Member” from the Board Members. Although this has been donated by Nivek Hosting, Nivek Hosting does not have access to any of the files, unless they were shared with Nivek Hosting.

Security of Files on Nextcloud

The files that are stored on the Nextcloud File Sharing Servers has been setup with a Website Secure Certificate to help enhance the security of the access levels and file transmissions. As always, it is suggested to never transmit sensitive information over free WiFi, Un-Secure WiFi, or over a Public/Guest WiFi. 

Also, always remember that the number one security protection is to use safe strong passwords. If you ever feel that your account may have been or is in jeopardy of being compromised, reach out to Jim and right away. 

The files are backed up automatically 

To access your files that are on the Nextcloud File Sharing Servers, you do not have to install the program on your computer or your device. Just simply visit the link of and enter your login credentials.

When accessing your files through the website link, you will be required to download them and re-upload them for any editing that may be required. Depending on your device setup and the file type, you may be able to view the file without