Our Mission:

Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

Feeding Denver's Hungry :: Find Food

This page is still going through the development process. Please check back often as we will always to continue updating this information!

Introducing the FREE Grocery Store

*** Due to the high request amounts that we have received, we are limiting each household to 1 reservation per month ***

The FREE Grocery Store is a new program brought to you by Feeding Denver’s Hungry. We are the first and currently the only one with this awesome program.

The FREE Grocery Store allows households that are  considered to be part of the Denver Metro Community that is in need of help with their grocery needs to shop for FREE. However; some products may require a small donation. 

All households that would like to shop the FREE Grocery Store, will need to finish reading this entire page and then sign-up for a time-slot that is available for shopping.

Please remember, that not most of the items that your household is receiving for free, is not free to us. We work completely from Donations and with the help of Volunteers.

On the Fourth Thursday of each Month, the Volunteers of Feeding Denver’s Hungry goes to the block of 21st Street and Stout Street  of Downtown Denver. 

The days leading up to this day, the FDH Volunteers work together to make a meal that we are able to hand out to the visitors of our Thursday Hand-Up.

Feeding Denver’s Hungry partners with different restaurants and businesses to be able to provide these meals. You would be surprised of who volunteers their time to help on this great day!

Visit the Thursday Hand-Up Page for more information on this great event!

We are in need of approximately 20 Volunteers each month for this day. If you would like to Volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Page and sign-up

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Find Food and Grocery Assistance From Our Partners

The following information are links and descriptions of how a family may find food and other assistance as needed. Feeding Denver’s Hungry is not responsible for information that may have become outdated as their information and programs (like ours) may change without advanced notification. We will do our best to keep this page updated on a monthly basis. If you ever find information below is outdated, you may visit the Contact Page and let us know. We can only improve ourselves with your help!

Feeding Denver’s Hungry is a partner of Food Bank of the Rockies. Visit their website at https://www.foodbankrockies.org/find-food/ for assistance with locating other partners who provide food assistance to those who may be in need.

Food Bank of the Rockies serves over 30 counties in Colorado. If your city is not listed, please call the Food Resource Hotline at 855-855-4626 to find a food pantry or distribution near you.

Colorado Food Bank and Pantry Locations

The following Major Metro Cities within Colorado has a Food Bank and/or Food Pantry Services. We are still in the process of building this section. Please keep in mind that some information within this area may become old and outdated. We strongly urge everyone to verify the information that is posted prior to visiting a location. You may visit the Food Bank of the Rockies link above to find more information in your area.

Please Note: The cities listed in black are still a work in progress. Check back soon or if you require immediate assistance, you may visit the Food Bank of the Rockies link above!