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Date this page was written: September 4, 2021

Date this page was updated: September, 4, 2021

When clicking on the FeedingDenversHungry.org links through Facebook on my mobile device, it does not allow me to sign-up for your services!

Facebook is one of the most powerful Social Media Outlets that is available to us. It allows us to be able to share updates and provide important information to the community that we love dearly. Unfortunately; Facebook keeps making updates to their mobile apps that tries to keep the user in the Facebook app. With that in mind, some mobile devices  will open our links while being within the Facebook app and not able to use our services because the privacy settings on the user’s device, the privacy settings on the user’s Facebook app and of course the privacy settings on the Feeding Denver’s Hungry’s website and with our partners.

Our website donor, Nivek Group, has tried working with Facebook to get an official support document from them regarding this matter. Naturally, Facebook does not respond. Our website Donor, Nivek Group, has scoured the web and they have found a support article that walks users through on how fix this.

Steps to Force Facebook App to Open Links in browser instead of built-in App

From: Solution Exist.com

DISCLAIMER: This article and the steps provided may not work on every device. It all depends on which device you are using and the current version of the Facebook app that you are using. You may need to add and/or remove some steps.

Tap on Menu icon (it looks like three horizontal lines).

Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy and then tap on Settings.

Scroll down and tap on Media and Contacts.

Toggle the “Links open externally” setting to On (make it from gray to blue).

And you are done…!! Now open any external link and you will get popup to select browser. You can select browser installed in you mobile device!

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