Our Mission:

Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

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Website Hosting, Website Design and IT Support

The Website Hosting of the FeedingDenversHungry.org website along with the design and content is donated by NivekGroup.com

NivekGroup.com is part of the LGBTQ+ Community here in the Denver Metro Area Community. 

Visit the NivekGroup.com website for direct information of how they can help you and/or your organization.

Kevin Flack

Honorary Member & Volunteer

Website and Technology Consultant

Kevin has started his own IT Support company called Nivek Group and offers all different types of IT Support to the local Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. In the meantime of supporting himself until his company is able to take off, Kevin works in the restaurant industry. Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions and Shutdowns of the Restaurants, Kevin found himself laid off and no true income. Kevin reached out to Feeding Denver’s Hungry and they were able to help him. In turn, Kevin used his resources to help Feeding Denver’s Hungry with our website and different technology assistance.

Please, feel free to contact Kevin by going to NivekGroup.com to see how is able to help your company an/or organization!